Sacred Sea: for a living Salish Sea is the website, social media, and communications arm for the Salish Sea Campaign that was started by Lummi Nation’s  Sovereignty and Treaty Protection Office and, since that Office’s closure, is continuing through the Lummi-led non-profit Sacred Lands Conservancy. Our mission is to preserve, protect, and promote Lummi sovereignty, treaty rights, and schelangen by defending and revitalizing Xw’ullemy (Salish Sea bioregion) waters.


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Lhaq’temish Foundation is the fiscal sponsor for the Tokitae Fund. Other community partners and allies include Children of the Setting Sun Productions; Sierra Club,, Whale Sanctuary Project, RE Sources for Sustainable Communities, Orca Network, Wild Orca, Mosquito Fleet, Earth Ministry, Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship, The Natural History Museum, Earth Law Center.


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Protect and Revitalize the Salish Sea

Your tax-deductible donations to the Tokitae Fund of Lummi Nation's Lhaqtemish Foundation directly supports the Salish Sea Campaign and the work to bring Sk'aliCh'elh-tenaut (Tokitae/Lolita) home. Hy’shqe!




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