“Feeling blessed and full of gratitude. Shirley Bob and I just returned from Miami. We went to pray and do cultural ceremony with our relative, Sk’aliCh’elh-tenaut. Sk’aliCh’elh-tenaut is feeling better. She enjoyed Shirley singing songs to her, my drumming and bringing her messages from ancestors, the whale people, and others who wanted to talk to her. We brushed her off with cedar boughs. Our prayer visits are culturally critical to helping her heal her spirit and her body. Hy’shqe to The Dolphin Company for honoring her culture and respecting our spiritual way of taking care of family. While we were in Miami we hosted a hy’shqe dinner for our family from Miami and Albuquerque. These folks and millions of others around the globe are vital in keeping prayers and positive energy flowing to our relative. Raising my hands in love and respect to; Annette Martinez, Sylvia Grimaldi Gomez, Samuel Tommie, Alejandro Ariel Dintino, Carlos Gomez and Lawrence Curtis.Together we will bring her home!” by Squil-le-he-le Raynell Morris, October 27, 2022