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Downloadable PDFs

Letter of Intent to Sue



Pilot Project

NAGPRA binder

Minister McKenna

City of Seattle supports Lummi

Salish Sea Manifesto

Parques Réunidos letter

Why Tokitae matters

The Boldt Decision

Treaty of Point Elliott

Press releases and statements

Press Release 10.14.19 Yakama/Dams

NAGPRA Suit Media Advisory

Sovereign-to-Sovereign Request

7.27.19 Press Release

6.18.19 Statement against TMX

6.15.19 Salish Sea Campaign Launch Press Release

5.22.19 Press Release for RBT2

5.22.19 Media Advisory for RBT2

5.20.19 Orca state of emergency

3.21.19 Statement on Pebble Mine

1.30.19 Press Release for RBT2

Protect and Revitalize the Salish Sea

Your tax-deductible donations will directly fund the Salish Sea Campaign of Lummi Nation's Sovereignty and Treaty Protection Office. We are working to repatriate Tokitae, advocate for our qwe 'lhol mechen, replenish salmon runs, and defend the sanctity of the Salish Sea. Your love will help spread our message. Hy’shqe!




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