The SINCE TIME IMMEMORIAL series features community members whose families have been here since time immemorial. The ancestral knowledge carried by Lhaq’temish, Nooksack, and other Coast Salish peoples is knowledge about how to live in our shared home in a good, life-sustaining way. We live in a time when we need to restore our relationship with Mother Earth and with one another. We are grateful for these stories, told in the words of each featured individual. We are grateful for our collaboration with Bellingham Alive! magazine, which publishes these profiles in every print and online issue.

Skwetslatse’ mot Tammy Woodrich

Tla kalin Ces-xen Steven Solomon Sr.

Barbara Lewis

Sul ka dub Freddie Lane

Quatz'tenaut Candice Wilson

Santana Rabang

Sharayah Lane

Chexanexwh Lucas Kinley

Cu-se-ma-at Cathy Ballew

Sienum Jason LaClair


Swil Kanim Richard Marshall

Dr. Lexie Tom

Noelani Auguston

Dr. Dakotah Lane

Cyaltsa April Finkbonner