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Lummi Nation is working with a number of other Tribes, governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, philanthropists and concerned citizens to bring Tokitae back to a safe and sustainable home in the Salish Sea. By donating to this cause, you are joining forces with Native actor Adam Beach and filmmaker Summer Tiger, the Blackhawk Singers, filmmakers Dennie Gordon and Geoff Schaaf, artist John Ritter (who created our iconic poster image!) The Sierra Club, Orca Network,, The Center for Whale Research, and others. We must all pull together! Hy’shqe!

The Tokitae Fund of the Lhaq’temish Foundation
Tax ID: 91-1836621
Lummi Nation
2665 Kwina Rd
Bellingham WA 98226


Protect and Revitalize the Salish Sea

Please join us! Some of our valued allies include other Tribes, the Orca Network, the Sierra Club, the Center for Whale Research,, non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, philanthropists and concerned citizens. Your tax-deductible donations will directly fund our efforts to repatriate Tokitae, advocate for our qwe 'lhol mechen, replenish salmon runs, and defend the sanctity of the Salish Sea. Your love will help spread our message. Hy’shqe!


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